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High Performance


have crypto performance up to 350 Mbps and enhanced redundancy with
Verizon LTE Advanced in a single, fixed appliance. Now you can.


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Secure Routing, Switching & WiFi

The Cisco 1000 Series ISR

with Verizon Wireless LTE Advanced

When you need traditional secure routing, or software defined WAN with high performance throughput to meet the demands of the digital branch, please consider the new 1000 Series ISR!

Ideal for small to medium branches and temporary networks, the 1000 Series is the first fixed-configuration router with Cisco’s trusted IOS XE software. Combined with a multicore architecture, the 1000 series yields high availability network services, increased mobility, industry-leading security, and multiple levels of redundancy, including Verizon LTE Advanced for “always on” business continuity.


The 1000 Series ISR Difference

To help your evaluation, we offer this framework: Performance, Security & Support.



Fueled by Cisco IOS-XE for up to 250 Mbps crypto performance with Advanced Network Services enabled, the 1000 Series provides increased mobility and next-generation WAN and LAN options including SFP/SFP+, DSL, LTE Advanced, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi to extend new SD WAN architectures and cloud services across remote sites.

In addition to industry-leading functionality (tech specs found here), the 1000 Series offers Application Centric Services, programmability and Verizon Wireless LTE-A to maximize utility and deployment flexibility.

Enhanced Redundancy w. LTE Advanced

Plug and Play provisioning and ease of Management

Simple Out of Band Management

Widely deployed in the world’s most demanding and secure networks, Cisco ISRs provide customer proven branch and retail network security.  

And, the 1000 series ISRs deliver enterprise class security including high-performance encryption, VPN, firewall, URL filtering and support for Verizon Wireless Private Network service with Private Network traffic management.

Fueled by next generation IOS-XE, the ISR 1000 offers branch threat defense including perimeter control protection, intrusion prevention, web security, and malware protection, and the widest range of public and private network VPN services. ISR branch security services include:

Cisco ISRs also include leading physical router security including:

  • The secure boot feature performs hardware-based authentication of the bootloader software to prevent malicious or unintended software from booting on the system.
  • Code signing verifies digital signatures of executables prior to loading to prevent execution of altered or corrupted code.
  • Hardware authentication protects against hardware counterfeiting by using an on-board tamper-proof silicon, including field replaceable modules. If authentication fails, the module is not allowed to boot.

And, if you need the ease and support of managed private network security service over the 4G connection the ISR 1000 series is fully integrated with the Verizon Wireless Private Network service. The 1000 Series supports Verizon DMNR (dynamic mobile network routing) service using NeMo protocol (IPv4-based Network Mobility). The 1000 series also supports PMIPv6 protocol, and Multi-VRF with Cisco DMVPN (dynamic multipoint VPN), which is compatible with Verizon Private Network.
Additionally Cisco ISRs are the first routers to support Verizon’s new Private Network Traffic Management (PNTM). PNTM is an enhancement for the 4G LTE Private Network that provides you with a premium and differentiated network experience through Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities using standards-based IP packet marking.

More details on Cisco ISR integration with Verizon Wireless Private Network can be found here.

The robust security options offered by the ISR 1000 series yield flexibility, high availability, and application security, with the ability to deliver differentiated services for multiple departments and organizations.

Want more ISR security information?  View a video overview of ISR security capabilities.

And, view the webcast of how deploy secure connectivity so you can transition  your WAN to new hybrid WAN services with confidence.

When you place your bet on your wireless networking project, you need to know you are backed by the best support in the industry. With Cisco and Verizon, you are.

Your Cisco account team, in concert with thousands of Cisco certified partner personnel, Cisco TAC, and support tools via the Cisco support portal, combine  to provide the support you need to deliver critical services to your users.

Your online resource for industry leading routing support (recent awards), Cisco’s technical support page, is your portal for accessing software downloads, product documentation, support tools and resources, and opening and monitoring TAC cases.

Specific support for the ISR 4k including model details, software downloads and release information, and reference configuration and troubleshooting guides can be found here.

View support information for all product lines, or take a self guided interactive tour of the support portal, and gain information on the mobile Cisco technical support app.


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