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Large Regional Bank Deploys
Cisco ISR’s with Verizon LTE
for Business Continuity


Large Regional Bank Cuts Costs & Gains Business Continuity with Cisco & Verizon LTE Services

Seeking rock solid business continuity, operational efficiency and cost savings through platform and service provider consolidation, a large regional Bank with 1,600+ branches and 2,500+ ATM machines, has deployed the Cisco ISR with integrated LTE services delivered by the Verizon Wireless Network

Business ChallengeCisco & Verizon SolutionBusiness Results

Prior to the project, the Bank’s branches utilized redundant terrestrial WAN links with two primary carriers, and a legacy routing infrastructure.   Through acquisitions, additional branches were added which leveraged different providers and routing technology.   The mix of different providers and technology yielded complexity, additional cost and risk, and made it very difficult to easily deploy new applications and services across branches.

After a thorough review process, the Bank chose the Cisco 1921 ISR with Verizon Wireless EHWIC and Verizon LTE services to help address their issues. Primary project objectives were:

Standardize on a single routing platform to gain operational efficiencies

Support legacy services, & deploy new services

Consolidate WAN expense and gain enhanced business continuity

The Bank has met its must work project objectives. Platform and service consolidation have produced operating efficiencies, reduced costs and risk, and allowed the Bank to support existing and new services.


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